First off, we hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy.  We want to give a few updates on reopening the academy, and give insight on what we are thinking as a coaching staff to get going again.  We will follow the guidance of USA Wrestling and the ISWA as they are our national and state governing body, but they will not be the end all in our decision making process. 


Currently, we do not have a set date on when we will reopen.  Our plan is to monitor how the reopening of the economy will have an effect on the number of cases over the upcoming weeks.  Coaches and athletes are chomping at the bit to get out of the house and wrestle, but the safety of EVERYONE IS NUMBER ONE!  Wrestling is very unique as it is impossible to practice social distancing unless you are 100% certain the person you are wrestling with has taken all the precautions necessary to self-quarantine.  This is extremely important with how contagious the virus is, how wide ranging symptoms are, and the lag time between contracting the virus and when any symptoms may arise.  As of right now we cannot come up with a solution to make sure we are anywhere near 100%.


We hope that everyone is staying active in training, and this is a perfect opportunity to be creative in your workouts.  Whether you have a gym at home, siblings to roll with, or you just have your body weight you can always stay active.  This is also a great time to look up some of the great wrestlers and watch them wrestle in some big matches to see their technique, tendencies, and toughness they use to win big matches.


We truly wish everyone the best and please stay safe and smart.  We will keep everyone posted.


Here is a link to USA Wrestling’s messages to the USA wrestling world. 

Please Click Here


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